OMG! – Molly What Have You Done?

Well, I ain’t spilling the beans about what Molly did, not until I finish telling you how to write catchy headline titles.

When I started blogging nearly 10 years ago, I didn’t know how to write catchy headline titles for my articles that would make them go viral. I would sit at my computer desk and think about niche topic ideals and then start writing the article without a headline title. After I finished writing my story, I tried to think of a catchy headline title that people would find interesting. I knew my headline titles needed improving because I would use my blog stats checker nearly every day, to find out how many people had visited my blog and read my articles.

My blog stats revealed a slow stream of traffic coming to my blog and nothing earth-shattering was happening from my visitors. I thought I had done everything right after I monetized my blog with affiliate advertisements and links to high ranking websites. But sadly, I wasn’t getting a huge amount of traffic coming to my blog. Then, one day I read the article, 52 Headline Hacks” by Jon Morrow. A while back, I downloaded a copy of the PDF file Headline Hacks Cheatsheetthat Jon wrote. By the way, he’s giving the cheatsheet away free and you should check it out.

After I read Jon’s headline hacks cheatsheet, I was glad that Jon included a lot of detailed information in his content about how to make your article go viral. I used a few of Jon’s suggestions for headline hacks and within a few weeks, my blog traffic began to soar. Then guess what else happened??? – So did my affiliate commissions.Thanks, Jon, you’re the best.” Now, when I create new headline titles, I feel a lot more confident that my articles will eventually go viral.  I also like to use Sharethrough and CoSchedule headline analyzer websites, to help me better understand my headline title ratings.

When I have a little downtime, I like to browse websites with the latest news and celebrity gossip like TMZ. I always chuckle after I’ve read an interesting headline title that lured me in and kept me reading an unbelievable shocking story. Oh, are you still interested in knowing what Molly did? Okay, here’s what happened.

“OMG! – Molly What Have You Done?”

Molly’s mother almost fainted after she saw her daughter sitting on her bed wearing the black dress that she planned to wear to the office Christmas party. Molly grinned from ear to ear believing that she looked like Cinderella. She had an excessive amount of makeup smeared all over her face and whoops! – a large patch of hair was missing from Molly’s head. – LOL – Gotcha!:

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